You can use this CD as a tool for inducing fully conscious dreams. You can learn how to become fully aware that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. It is called lucid dreaming and this CD can be used as an effective lucid dream induction tool.

This CD includes 4 Tracks (60 mins.)

*Roughly 60 mins. of Psychoacoustic Audio

CD Description:

This BMV CD contains four tracks that are specifically engineered to be played at night to induce lucid dreams while you are sleeping by HARNESSING THE R.E.M. CYCLE. The hypnotic soundscape combined with brainwave entrainment creates an ideal tool for turbo-boosting your lucid dreaming progress.

This Brainwave Mind Voyage CD uses brainwave entrainment technology. You can use this CD to tune or synchronize your brainwaves to specific frequencies.

By tuning them into specific frequencies, you can effectively induce states of consciousness that are beneficial for lucid dreaming.

This CD takes advantage of this technology by applying forceful brainwave spikes of alpha and beta throughout the brainwave session to successfully spark lucidity in your dreams!

In contrast to our other LUCID DREAMING CDs, the BMV SERIES 10: LUCID DREAM CYCLE CD has little or no vocal guidance for those who prefer less vocals and more power packed in the embedded brainwave sessions!

  • You can use this CD to harness the power of your dreams.
  • You can use this CD to induce lucid dreams, conscious trance. states, out of body experiences and astral projection.
  • You can use this CD to induce deep states of relaxation.
  • You can use this CD to harness your creativity.
  • You can use this CD to problem solve or brainstorm.
  • You can use this CD to consciously induce a trance-like state.
  • You can use this CD to tap the unlimited potential of your subconscious mind..


Lucid dreaming is the ability to realize you are dreaming WHILE YOU ARE DREAMING!

Once you realize that you are within a dream, you are free to explore the dreaming realm and you are free to EXPERIENCE ANYTHING THAT YOUR HEART DESIRES.

You can literally LIVE OUT YOUR WILDEST FANTASIES with full control and experience it to the fullest with your heightened dreaming senses. You can see, hear, feel, touch, even more intensely than in your waking world, yet it is a dream so you can fly, unlimited by physical constraints of space and time. You become free to EXPERIENCE ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES.

This BMV Series uses powerful brainwave entrainment technology which coincides with the natural REM (Random Eye Movement) dream spindle cycles, embedded brainwave beat frequencies including the 40 Hz frequency.

This BMV CD guides you, the listener, to realize that you are dreaming WHILE YOU ARE DREAMING!

This BMV CD has four tracks and is designed to used as one long induction program. You can loop/repeat the entire CD while sleeping for maximum results.

MANY people have had documented lucid dreams and out of body experiences using BMV CDs.

You can too, simply by listening to this CD!

This is the ultimate EXTRA-STRENGTH awareness aid for people who want an audio induction tool WITHOUT GUIDED VOCALS as requested by many BMV users.

It also makes use of the 40 Hz frequency. You can use this BMV CD to take advantage of this promising 40 Hz frequency. Recent studies have linked this 40 Hz spike in EEG readings to the presence of conscious awareness.

They have suggested that this 40 Hz frequency is directly linked with awareness and consciousness itself since people under anesthesia show no spike at the 40 Hz frequency in their EEG readings. This finding indicates that there is no conscious brainwave activity at this range while they are unconscious.

This 40 Hz frequency was found to be present in EEG readings of healers, mystics and shamans while experiencing mystical states and while mind-traveling in non-ordinary reality. Based on these facts, this BMV CD makes use of this 40 Hz frequency to maximize the odds of successful lucid dream incubation.

Also, people with photographic memory show a spike at the 40 Hz range, so who knows, you may become smarter as a result of using this CD and pursuing your dreams.

With these 40 Hz brainwave spikes as lucid dream triggers you can master the art of lucid dreaming.

This BMV CD was specifically designed and engineered with EXTRA-STRENGTH POWER TO AWAKEN YOUR DREAMING AWARENESS.

After plunging you into a hypnotic state of deep trance, you will experience forceful AWARENESS BRAINWAVE BOOSTS (beta & alpha spikes as well as 40 Hz spikes). After becoming more conscious with these high-awareness spikes, you will be much more likely to have lucid dreams.

This journey takes you deep into a viable, nonphysical or non-ordinary reality. The hypnotic audioscapes that backdrop your guided journey provide an ideal environment for trance induction.

This CD is a perceptual tool that needs to be Experienced to be Believed. If you are successful at fully transferring your awareness you can explore the Non-Physical Realm for as long as you desire.

This BMV CD is best used as a springboard for inducing lucid dreams or inducing out of body experiences or consciously entering into trance-like states of consciousness.

The more you use this program, the easier it becomes to consciously enter these altered states of consciousness.

This journey takes you deep into your own viable, nonphysical or non-ordinary reality. The hypnotic audioscapes that backdrop your guided journeys provide an ideal environment for trance induction.

Take a look at the listed tracks at the top of this page to see what you will experience when you order and listen to this BMV CD.


You will explore new depths as the embedded brainwave entrainment ensures that you will enter the ideal brainwave range for maximizing your dream explorations.

This BMV CD is an excellent audio tool for biofeedback training and consciousness development.

Every time you use this CD, you will become more and more control over your nightly dreams. With time and practice, you can learn to realize that you are dreaming within your dreams. In the meanwhile, you can be assured that your brainwaves will be tuned to the correct frequency ranges to maximize your results.

The brainwave entrainment technology on this CD ensures your success. Like the magical beat of a shaman's drum, the embedded brainwave entrainment frequencies slow down your brainwaves to induce deeply expanded states of consciousness conducive for lucid dream induction.

The brainwave stimulation techniques are based upon EEG readings of brainwave activity experienced by experienced meditators, Buddhist monks, healers and other adepts.

You now have the physical relaxation AND the required brainwave activity to complete the process.

Now, you can experience these powerful brainwave patterns, simply by listening to this BMV CD!

ORDER THIS CD today and maximize your odds of successful induction for lucid dreaming.

For best results, use headphones.


BMV SERIES 10: LUCID DREAM CYCLE CD: Harnessing the REM Cycle - Psychoacoustics for Lucid Dreaming

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