*Roughly 70 mins. of Psychoacoustic Audio

CD Description:

This Series is the second BMV Brainwave Entrainment CD in The Soothing Sounds of Nature Series.

This Series contains two powerful brainwave entrainment sessions. One track has thunder and the other is a soothing rain soundscape. Both tracks contain embedded brainwave entraining frequencies to maximize your meditational sessions.

The psychoacoustics of this Series were designed to guide the user into progressively deeper levels of relaxation and detachment.

This Brainwave Mind Voyages CD uses brainwave entrainment technology to give you the ability to instantly tune and synchronize your brainwaves to different brainwave ranges, simply by listening to this CD!

This BMV CD contains two tracks that are specifically engineered to tune your brainwaves to specific brainwave ranges.


This CD contains:

  • Brainwave Entrainment Technology
  • Advanced Brainwave Training
  • Multi-channel binaural beats/binaural beat frequencies
  • Monophonic brainwave entrainment tones - New BMV entrainment technique that works without the use of headphones!
  • Autonomic Audio Pacing Technology™ (AAPT) - Only found on BMV CDs!
  • Cutting-Edge Vibrational Sound Therapy
  • 3D Psychoacoustic Soundscapes

CD Description:

By tuning them into specific frequencies, you can effectively induce states of consciousness that are beneficial for a wide variety of applications. (See BRAINWAVE CHART below).

  • You can use this CD to harness the power of your mind.
  • You can use this CD to increase your meditational progress.
  • You can use this CD to induce deep states of relaxation.
  • You can use this CD to harness your creativity.
  • You can use this CD to problem solve or brainstorm.
  • You can use this CD to consciously induce a trance-like state.
  • You can use this CD to tap the unlimited potential of your subconscious mind.

The embedded psychoacoustics were developed to bring the user from a waking beta state into the relaxing Alpha range and then progress even further into the Theta range by entraining to 7.83 Hz.

This frequency is referred to as The Schumann Resonance, and has been described as the "pulse of our planet" due its presence in our Earth's electromagnetic field. It also falls into the THETA range which creates a visualistic, holistic state of mind.

This Series contains 3 tracks (70 minutes total). It was designed to be be used for aiding in meditation, enhancing visualization, boosting creativity or simply inducing deep states of relaxation.

There are no subliminal messages nor any guided vocals so you are free to use it to supplement any form of inner work.

This Series can be used to induce states of deep relaxation. It is an excellent way to simply unwind after a stressful day, and it is an excellent tool for for those interested exploring deep states of relaxation for purposes other than relaxation.

These relaxed mindstates are ideal for performing and practicing a wide variety of innerwork. Due to the lack of vocals and lack of subliminal messages you can easily apply and incorporate this Series into your normal meditational routine if you follow one.

You can also can loop/repeat the entire CD for a progressive brainwave relaxation session.

Many people have sent testimonials praising BMV CDs. We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers all over the globe who have taken advantage of this powerful brainwave entrainment technology.

You can too, simply by listening to this CD!

This CD is a perceptual tool that needs to be experienced to be believed.

This BMV CD is best used as a springboard for deep meditation, trancework, reverie, problem solving, brainstorming, creative visualization and a host of other benefits including heightened awareness and expanded states of consciousness.

The more you use the brainwave sessions on this CD, the easier it becomes to consciously enter these brainwave states at will.

This journey can take you deep into your own viable, nonphysical or non-ordinary reality.

The lack of guided vocals makes it an ideal environment for any type of inner work.

You will explore new depths as the embedded brainwave entrainment ensures that you can enter the ideal brainwave range for accomplishing your goals, whatever they may be.

This BMV CD is an excellent audio tool for biofeedback training and consciousness development.

With time and practice, you can effortlessly induce these mindstates. In the meanwhile, you can be assured that your brainwaves will be tuned to the correct frequency ranges to maximize your results.

The brainwave entrainment technology on this CD ensures your success. Like the magical beat of a shaman's drum, the embedded brainwave entrainment frequencies slow down your brainwaves to induce deeply expanded states of consciousness conducive for all forms of meditation and trance work.

Geniuses like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Jefferson, Edison and many others have utilized our natural mind brainwave states and now, YOU CAN TOO, SIMPLY BY LISTENING TO THIS CD!

Get instant results that normally come only with years worth of meditational practice.

Now, YOU CAN HAVE INSTANT BRAIN POWER, simply by pressing the PLAY button on your CD Player!

It is a truly amazing collection of brainwave sessions.

By simply listening to this CD for 10 minutes or less, your physical body will be so relaxed that you will ready for any type of inner work: meditation, creativity, reverie, problem solving, brainstorming, trancework and more.

The brainwave entrainment technology on this CD ensures your success. Like the magical beat of a shaman's drum, the embedded brainwave entrainment frequencies slow down your brainwaves to induce deeply expanded states of consciousness.

The brainwave stimulation techniques are based upon EEG readings of brainwave activity experienced by experienced meditators, Buddhist monks, healers and other adepts.

You now have the physical relaxation AND the required brainwave activity to complete the process.

Now, you can experience these powerful brainwave patterns, simply by listening to this BMV CD!

BMV CDs are simply unmatched by any other product on the market. We have thousands of satisfied repeat customers from countries all over the globe.

Try them for yourself and experience the power of a BRAINWAVE MIND VOYAGES CD for yourself!


Nature Brainwave Meditation

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Brainwave Mind Voyages™