You can use this CD as a tool for inducing fully conscious dreams. You can learn how to become fully aware that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. It is called lucid dreaming and this CD can be used as an effective lucid dream induction tool.

This CD contains:

  • embedded brainwave entrainment audio technology
  • guided professional hypnosis
  • vocal & non-vocal tracks
  • entrancing soundscape
  • hypnotic suggestions
  • split ear scripted subliminal messages
  • 3-D psychoacoustics
  • Tracks specifically designed to be played in repeat/loop mode at night while you sleep

For best results, use headphones.


This BMV CD has 10 tracks about 70 minutes in total length and can be used as one long induction program or it could be looped on whatever track you find works best.

There are several tracks that were specifically designed to be played at night while you are sleeping. The messages can then slip into your dreaming awareness and spark your lucidity. Your dreaming awareness can be prodded into realizing that you are in fact within a dream.

Since its release, many people have had documented lucid dreams with this CD. Some people have had their first lucid dream using this CD, and some have reported having out of body experiences while using this CD.

It can work for you too!

If you want to consciously enter into a trance-like state or induce fully conscious dreams, this Series was made for you.

The embedded brainwave guidance begins at highly relaxed alpha levels and brings you down through the visual theta and then consciously plunges you deep into dissociative mid-upper-delta brainwave ranges.

This guided audio journey takes you deep into your mind's eye. Soothing sea wash and relaxing ripples are the backdrop for a phenomenal trance induction sequence.

From the hypnotic embedded brainwaves to the masterful use of split-ear subliminals that target the left or right hemisphere of your brain depending on the message, the imagery flows as you transfer your awareness from your physical body into an altered nonphysical state of existence.

This BMV Series is a journey as well as a tool for strengthening and awakening your dreaming awareness. The entire process takes 70 minutes, but if you are successful at fully transferring your awareness, you can explore your dream realm for as long as you desire.

The voyage continues with the perfect combination of visually-enhancing, dream-related brainwave ranges. Also, there is an intermittent use of 'awareness boosts' of high-paced waking binaural beta frequencies in attempts to rekindle awareness and prevent you from going too deep, too quickly and accidentally falling asleep.

This background brainwave guiding can be just the boost you need to start making progress, creating results and making things happen.


This audio program is best used as a springboard for lucid dreaming and consciously entering into a trance-like state for any purposes that require a "Body Asleep/ Mind Awake" state of consciousness.

You can use this BMV CD to induce deep states of relaxation, to harness your creativity , to problem solve or brainstorm, to consciously enter into a trance-like state, to induce out of body experiences or astral travel, and to tap the unlimited potential of your Higher Self.

Several tracks were designed to be used as a nightly aid by playing them on Repeat mode while you are sleeping. The more you use this program, the easier it becomes to consciously enter these altered states of consciousness.

Countless people have had documented fully conscious LUCID DREAMS using this BMV CD and hopefully you can do it too!

ORDER THIS CD today and maximize your odds of having a lucid dream. For best results, use headphones.



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Brainwave Mind Voyages™