*Roughly 70 mins. of Psychoacoustic Audio

You can use this CD as a pyschoacoustic audio tool for inducing out of body experiences. You can learn how to travel out of your body. It is called astral projection or having an out of body experience (OBE), and this CD can be used as an effective OBE induction tool.

This Brainwave Mind Voyage Series 7 CD uses brainwave entrainment technology giving you the ability to tune or synchronize your brainwaves to specific frequencies so you can have an out of body experience.


This CD contains:

  • embedded brainwave audio technology
  • guided hypnosis
  • vocal & non-vocal tracks
  • entrancing soundscape
  • hypnotic suggestions
  • split ear scripted subliminal messages
  • 3-D psychoacoustics

For best results, use headphones.

The long-awaited and highly anticipated companion CD
to the classic BMV Series 2: ASTRAL TRANCE CD. This CD is roughly 70 minutes in total length. It can be used as one long induction program or it could be looped on whatever track you find works best.

You can use this professionally designed psychoacoustic BMV CD to have an out of body experience. This psychoacoustic audio journey takes you deep into a viable, nonphysical realm. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you can use this CD to maximize your odds of traveling out of your body.

You can simply listen to the CD, let go and experience non-ordinary reality. The hypnotic audioscape will have you deeply entranced in minutes.

The state-of-the-art brainwave entrainment technology on this CD will boost your odds of successful astral projection and out of body travel.

You can use this CD like psychic training wheels!

Whether you are advanced or just a beginner, you can increase your odds of having an out of body experience using this BMV CD.

This CD is just what you need to start creating some amazing results!

This BMV CD is a perceptual tool that needs to be experienced to be believed. The entire process takes about 70 minutes, but if you are successful at fully transferring your awareness you can explore Non-Ordinary Reality for as long as you like.

This CD contains some guided vocals and use of hypnosis, but it also contains tracks with no vocals so you can explore without interruption, if you prefer less vocals.

You can listen to the CD as one progressive induction, or if you like, you can loop any individual track on the CD for customized sessions. You can play it in loop/repeat mode while sleeping at night for maximum results! The tried and tested approach on this CD will boost your success rate substantially.

The brainwave entrainment tones designed for this particular BMV Series use embedded psychoacoustic tones to bring the user into a relaxed alpha brainwave mindstate. Upon relaxing and deepening, the trance-like state dips into visualistic theta ranges and includes maximum strength beta spikes to heighten your awareness and maintain full consciousness while your body falls asleep.

This elusive MIND AWAKE-BODY ASLEEP state of consciousness can allow you to easily induce OBEs. By using this CD and practicing nightly, you can learn to induce the MIND AWAKE-BODY ASLEEP at will, simply by intending to do so!

This audio brainwave voyage uses visually enhancing, dream-related THETA brainwave tones along with intermittent awareness boosts of high-paced waking binaural BETA frequencies in attempts to rekindle awareness and prevent you from going too deep, too quickly and accidentally falling asleep.

The background brainwave guiding can be just the boost you need to start making progress, creating results and making things happen.

This BMV CD is best used as a springboard for inducing out of body experiences or for consciously entering into a deep trance-like state.

The more you use this program, the easier it becomes to consciously enter these altered states of consciousness.

You can use this CD as one progressive induction, or you can loop any track on the CD for customized sessions. It is ideal for playing in loop/repeat mode while sleeping at night for maximum results!

In fact, several tracks were specifically designed so you can become programmed to have an out of body experience while sleeping. It is far easier to induce OBEs while in a dreaming state. With this CD, you will boost your success rate substantially.

Using this unique induction process, you can easily slip out of your body and have some fun traveling the astral world.

This BMV CD uses embedded brainwave guidance to steer the user into a centered and receptive state of mind.

The split-ear scripted subliminal messages selectively target either the right or left hemisphere with messages depending on the message's intent. The subliminal cues are focused on increasing your receptivity to out of body travel. The state-of-the-art brainwave entrainment will take you where you need to be, quickly and easily!

Due to the lack of vocals on several tracks, it can also be used for other purposes in addition to astral projection. The trance-like mindstate that this Series induces can create the ideal environment for almost any form of innerwork: mindful meditation, conscious relaxation, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, channeling or any pursuit that requires a combination of relaxed withdrawal and detached but alert awareness.

If you use this CD, you will find the results that you are seeking. The technology is proven.

Geniuses like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Jefferson, Edison and many others have harnessing their natural brainwave states and now, YOU CAN TOO, SIMPLY BY LISTENING TO THIS CD!

Get the instant results that normally come only with years worth of meditational practice.

Now, YOU CAN HAVE INSTANT ACCESS TO BRAINWAVE POWER for out of body travel, simply by pressing the PLAY button on your CD Player!

You can use this BRAINWAVE MIND VOYAGES CD to consciously enter into a trance-like state, induce out of body experiences, tap the unlimited potential of your Higher Self and experience altered states of consciousness:

Now, you can experience these powerful brainwave patterns, simply by listening to this BMV CD!

Try it and experience it for yourself!


Entering the Vibrational State for Out of Body Experiences

Price: $14.99
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Brainwave Mind Voyages™